2014-11-24: 'N/A' being displayed on all stops

Unfortunately, as of 24th November 2014, many users of Should iRun are experiencing N/A displayed on all stops as the current timetable information stored in the app is outdated.

iOS 8 and iOS 7

Version 3.8 of Should iRun has been released on the app store, please update - the app will display timetable information again.

iOS 6 and earlier

Updating timetables from within the app should fix this problem, but numerous users have reported problems with the update process. Unfortunately I am not able to support iOS6 in new versions of the app due to time constraints, but you can try the following:

Please note: To apply the timetable update requires appropimately 100MB of free space on your device.

Try the following for the highest chance of success:

  1. On the settings screen of Should iRun, tap Download timetable update
  2. Stay on that screen and wait for it to complete - so that when you press 'check for updates' button it says its 'up to date'
  3. Force quit the app: https://support.apple.com/en-us/ht5137
  4. Open the app again - your timetable information should be restored

Further questions or comments

Please email [email protected] if you have further questions or comments.

Updated 2014-11-25